April 29, 2011

Geekfest Dubai Mobile Edition - The food!

While it was truly very nice meeting and mingling with a load of smiling and friendly faces at Geekfest Dubai Mobile Edition a.k.a mass gathering of twitterati's, what was also of interest other then the Zombie movie or the informative talks and the cool mobile apps by local developers.. was obviously the food! Provided by the nice folks at LimeTree Cafe, it was surprisingly quite nice. I say surprisingly as I have heard a lot of varied opinions about LimeTree and shamefully have still not been there, so it was good to finally try a small variety of their food. 

The banana cake and the vegi spring rolls with the mango inside were my favourite and judging by how quickly the plates were being emptied, its a safe bet to say most people there enjoyed the food too or was I too busy eating to not notice if it was just me cleaning up the plates?

Here's what you missed... anyone remember what the dish in the second picture was called?



Sidi said...

Typical! A gathering of twitter-ati's from Dubai and you get pictures of the food. I guess your name suits you!! Was nice meeting you last night and btw I didnt think the food was too hot

shafeena said...

Looks real nice ! i have to get into some of this action !! where are all these twitter-ati's notice boards ;)

Complete Foodie said...

There are no notice boards, it was a twitter event :) I believe there is one going to happen in Abu Dhabi soon as well so might want to keep an eye out for it!

San Mah said...

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