May 1, 2011

800Pizza.. 'Thin crust' pizza at its best

When it comes to pizza, it can be a very personal matter.. Some prefer the thick crusted Chicago style deep pan, others prefer the medium crust and those like me want the super thin crust!

We certainly don't have any shortage of pizza options in Dubai be it the run of the mill chains like Domino's or Pizza hut or another slightly newer company that's been the subject of many a conversations recently due to their mass bombardment of media. Yes I might be talking about another certain brand touting their 'healthy' pizza all over Twitter and Facebook but having tried it, I would still say they I wasn't won over - still there are some who love it and think its the best thing since sliced bread.  One thing is for sure, whoever did their PR work does deserve a medal for spreading the word that quickly.

Margherita con mozzarella di Bufala w/ extra chillies
I personally love all kinds of carbs & cheese, but when it comes to pizza's, my preferred choice is a thin crust with the slight hint of crisped (i.e burnt) edges and I have yet to find someone who does it better then 800Pizza.  Everything from the traditional handcrafted wood-fired stone oven to the Mozzarella and Flour flown in from Italy - it doesn't get any more genuinely Italian than this...

I was kindly allowed to take a few photos of my pizza being made for the site as I was really intrigued at just what it takes.  I was surprised at just how quickly its ready and how closely its monitored with constant prodding and moving around the wood fired oven.. this is not your standard 45 min at 180C Frozen Pizza in the oven or made then stuck on a conveyor belt for it to pop out the other side 10 min later, but rather pizza at its best.

I know it sounds stupid but I didn't actually know that they prepare a big batch of dough daily and then break of a piece as they go thru the day weighing it accordingly depending on the size ordered, makes sense I suppose rather then pre-making little dough balls in one go which I suppose would then harden

While 800 does offer delivery and it does seem to have been their primary intention judging by the small unit they are based out of and the number of delivery bikes I saw parked up outside their Marina location, I personally feel it is best enjoyed fresh and at the restaurant - as due to the light and rather thin crust, it doesn't take long for it to go cold and mushy.

The restaurant itself only has 5 tables inside with the primary seating being outdoors - something to keep in mind during the summer. It's also worth mentioning, those wanting an extra large pizza with lashings of meat all over it so that you can barely taste the dough - This pizza is not for you, but if you are in the mood to try something different, you will definitely be back for more.

Also in other 800Pizza news, it seems that only recently (18th April 2011) the Belhasa group acquired a majority stake in the company. Whether this means good or bad things for the company whereby the taste then gets compromised in the rush to expand and open up more locations I suppose we will have to wait and see, but so far, it still seems to be the 800Pizza we know and love! 

800Pizza (currently) has 2 locations, at the Marina Walk and Behind the Mall of Emirates details of those can be found here:


Mita said...

Stuning pictures, abs fantastico :) Will have to try 800 as I norm swear by NKD

minu b. said...

Hope they don't start to suck bcuz of being bought out. My fav pizza in the world!

shafeena said...

Looks absolutely yum ! normally i am very sceptic about places like these, but the stone oven looks great ! and of course your recommendation ! I also quite liked the pizza is red tomato pizza !! behind MOE ! i am in barsha a lot ! so i might drop into this place !! Great review !! thanx :D

Nadia said...

we tried to go here last night, but it was full :( We should have gotten delivery!

your post makes me want to try it even more! I absolutely love mozzarella di bufala.

Complete Foodie said...

Yea this place does get very busy due to the lack of much seating but its so worth it, where did you guys end up? There is an amazinggggg Pakistani place couple doors down called Haandi and their rolls are so amazing! Our family often sends them to other countries when someone is travelling we are that addicted

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