April 17, 2012

Pierre Hermé launches in Dubai

Pierre Hermé, the famed French patisserie has launched its first unit in Dubai. It seems, only a couple days ago.

Located on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette they are currently serving up their extremely popular macarons and chocolates, but expect more to pop up soon if the statement from Tatweer Investments (their local partner) a couple months ago to the National is anything to go by.

Being a huge fan of their Salted Caramel macarons this came as pleasant surprise as I was walking around Dubai Mall, having fond memories of devouring them by the dozen in Paris. Here's hoping it's not long before they add their highly regarded pastries to the menu in Dubai as well.

If you like Macarons, get down there and try it out now - you wont be disappointed.

Pierre Hermé is located on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette - next to the Sunglasses department.


Lamar Odom said...

Am a big fan of french food and specially their deserts and patisseries. As an graduate student at OLWA University i was easily able to roam in other countries because of its Online Distance Learning system, so last year we planned to visit France. We visited couple of bakeries and restaurants which gives us idea about their food.
"Il était délicieux"

Tala said...

Whats your pick... Pierre Hermé or Laudree?

Complete Foodie said...

Thats a tough one! Pierre Herme wins overall in my book due to his experimentation and use of oils and spices to come up with amazing and constantly evolving flavours but Laduree's classics such as Vanilla or Pistachio are hard to beat too.. I'm an equal opportunities pastry fan - just eat them all :P

Anonymous said...

Laduree (owned by Paul Boulangerie) is a global mass-market industrial brand, that they try to disguise as a petit old fashioned boutique.
They make at least 15,000 macarons a day and growing.
So no comparison to the excellent Pierre Herme in my opinion...

Anonymous said...

They closed down but open a new one in the main entrance of the mall, where the watches are. IWC, officine Paneirai

Anonymous said...

Pierre Herme is number 1 also opened in mall of emirates a great store with fantastic 12 flavors of macarons also fantastic chocolate i must pass everyday and try some on the spot.

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